How does Hang Street work?

Hang Street has been designed as a social website that allows people to engage with each other. Our great website also has been designed to help you meet people on Twitter and Instagram and allows you to grow your audience. Our aim is to make the introduction that allows you to choose if you want to follow the person – and they to follow you back. There are no ‘get followers fast’ schemes here or follower trains. The decision is entirely yours about who you follow and who you don’t – our aim is community building.

How does it work?

We recommend connecting with a few people each day. This increases your exposure and will often lead to people following you too. We track this participation and use it to decide who to give exposure to each day. By being honest and genuine, you will meet new people – don’t try to game the system or mass unfollow people you have followed through Hang Street. We will find out and delete you.

What are featured displays?

Hang Street offer the chance to be featured on the website and have your profile seen by more people – think a billboard for your social media account on the website. You can choose the number of times you are displayed and where on the website – this is the featured displays service. You can get more information about it here.

What costs are involved?

The basic service is free and if you want to go for optional extras, then there are costs associated with each service. But to grow your network – you can use the site for free!

I don’t want to follow people

There’s no requirement to follow people and you can list yourself on the website to grow followers. Some people will still follow you. But we think you get the most from social networks by following people as well as receiving followers so why not try it out?