Twitter Tips and Tricks

2 years ago

Twitter Tips and Tricks

With 288 million users each month sending 500 million tweets every day, Twitter is a busy place to be. But not every Twitter user is making the most of the website for a number of reasons – time, ideas or simply that you don’t ‘get’ the site. There is so much to learn with Twitter it can often feel overwhelming so here are some top tips to Why do it? Visuals on Twitter get more attention and videos are the ultimate visual, generating more interest, interaction and leads than other types of content.

2. Add more photos per tweet

Did you know that you can upload up to four photos per tweet as well as tag up to 10 people in each tweet, all without losing any further characters? People have a tendency to retweet things that they are mentioned in and visuals are definitely important to get that attention.

The process is simple, once you have uploaded once photo, just click the camera icon again and repeat the process. There is a facility in the Videos for Twitter app that also allows you to edit the pictures if you haven’t already. Plus, you can also add photos to direct messages.

Why do it? Simple – visuals get more engagement so including one or more photos on your tweets will see a better response from your audience.

3. Search for Twitter lists

Twitter Lists are a facility open to anyone where you can compile a list of people based on anything you want. You can keep them private or make them public. This means that anyone can search those public lists and have access to all that information – people, hashtags, mentions, content and everything.

To search a list simply use this search term in Google - inurl:lists <your search term>

Why do it? Let’s say you were wanting to find people who worked in social media marketing – you could search that term and find people who use the hashtag or talk about the topic and follow them. Instant audience that is interested in your topic.

4. Exclude link tweets from searches

It may seem strange to search for tweets without links but it is a great way to find mentions and therefore engagement on a specific topic. It is a little used but very handy trick that is easy to do. All you need to do is add -http to the end of your search query to find all tweets that don’t have a link in them.

Why do it? It’s a great way to start conversions with people and create real engagement rather than just retweeting links all the time. Be a real person and real people will respond to you.

5. Learn keyboard shortcuts

There are several keyboard shortcuts on Twitter that can save you a lot of time and make the time you spend on the site more productive. There are lots of them you can use including:

  • G + L = Twitter lists

  • M = direct message

  • N = new tweet

  • R = reply

  • K = previous tweet

If you click on your background while on Twitter and hit ? you will get a list of these shortcuts to learn.

Why do it? Saves time, simple.

6. Use Siri to send a tweet

Voice assistants such as Siri are a great way to send a quick tweet while you are on the move. Just say ‘send a tweet’ to Siri and she will ask what you want to tweet. Once you have told her, confirm it and off it will go to Twitter. Social Voice on Android works in a similar way but isn’t hands-free so you do need to press a few buttons to send the tweet.

Why do it? You suddenly realise you wanted to send that tweet at 9 am this morning but you are driving. So be safe and use Siri to do the work for you.

7. Build a complete social picture of followers

It can be good to get to know people on more than one network and this is now possible with an extension for Google Chrome called Connect6 PeopleDiscovery. Go to Twitter and use the extensions’ pointer on their unique identifier information such as handle, link or email address. A pop-up box will then appear with information such as:

Social accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn


Contact information

Profile photo

Brief bio

Shared connections on LinkedIn

Why do it? Building better, fuller relationships with people, particularly with influencers and prospects, can have long term benefits. And people like to feel that you are genuinely interested in them.

8. Use IFTTT to add to Twitter lists

IFTTT (If This Then That) is an automation service that can make life a lot easier. You can use it to automatically create a Twitter list of people who mention you in their tweets so you can follow them and interact with them. You can also use it to create lists around a specific hashtag. You simply connect your Twitter account with your IFTTT account and choose an applet that does the job – and its free too!

Why do it? Another one to save time and make your efforts more productive.

9. Use Twitter’s analytics to study tweets

Most people will know Google Analytics to study visitors to their website and many other metrics but did you know that Twitter has its own analytics? Here you can look at data such as your average retweets, reach, most influential content and influencer followers to see what tweets have the greatest impact and who is following you with the most clout. There’s a simple option on your main Twitter menu to access all this data.

Why do it? The more information you have, the better you can tailor your efforts around what works and eliminate what doesn’t. And this will move you towards your goal with Twitter.


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