Top Twitter Hacks

2 years ago

Top Twitter Hacks

Once you have been on Twitter for a short while, things can get messy. You have hundreds or thousands of followers and a constant stream of information bombarding you every time you arrive on the site. So how do you can control of your Twitter life and make the most of the all of the information?

Here is a set of top Twitter hacks to help you rise above the noise and make the most of this fast-moving social media network.

Remember hashtags

One of the most important things to remember about Twitter is the use of hashtags. These act as signposts, telling people what you content is about and will have an impact on engagement, follower numbers, reputation and more. The sweet spot at the moment is said to be two or three per tweet.

Add hashtags to bio

Hashtags added to your bio can help people understand what you are about and also means your profile can show up when people search for those specific tweets. Don’t fill your bio with them but add two or three relevant ones.

Check the best time to tweet

Best times to tweet can be a complex issue depending on your audience and location. But generally, best times are between 9 am and 3 pm during the weekdays. Don’t worry so much about Friday as the activity is usually lower.

Follow lists

Ask Twitter what it means by lists and it will tell you that it is a ‘curated group of Twitter users’ and that you can create your own lists as well as subscribe to lists created by others. A list also creates its own timeline featuring Tweets only from those users.

This means that creating a list of people that you want to be certain you never miss their tweets is a great hack to master the noise of a full timeline. And it is easy to do – simply select ‘more’ on your profile menu and select lists then create a new list. Give it a memorable name, decide if it will be public or private and you have a list ready to go.

To add someone to the list, simply click the gear icon beside the follow button on their account – you don’t even need to be following them to add them to a list. Add them and instantly follow list.

Check lists you feature on

It is also good to know whose list you have been added to and there is an easy way to do this. From your list page, click the option ‘Member of’ and this displays the lists that people have added you to. That way you can see who you are resonating with and who they group you with.

Sign up to public lists

You can simply follow someone else’s lists by clicking on their profile and lists. Choose the list you are interested in and click subscribe. This allows you to access the information within the list and also means you appear as a subscriber to the list. You don’t even need to be following the person to subscribe to their list.

Use search operators

Search operators are a way of unlocking the full power of Twitter’s search bar, that unassuming little white bar at the top of the screen. There are countless of them to help find tweets and people with greater accuracy than simply typing in a term. For example:

From:person – this lets you find tweets send from a particular person by adding their name

To:person – this lets you find tweets send to a particular person by adding their name

Near:location within:distance – find people within a specific location and/or distance from it

News source:twitterfeed – any tweets containing ‘news’ on the Twitterfeed

Advanced search

In addition to search operators, there is also the advanced search option which is ideal for finding something specific in the chaos that is Twitter. There are lots of different options again that you can use on it including:

  • Searching for a set of given words
  • Searching for an exact phrase
  • Searching hashtags
  • Searching for people from certain accounts
  • Searching for people mentioning certain accounts
  • Searching for positive tweets
  • Searching for negative tweets

Make use of shortcuts

There are loads of shortcuts on Twitter that you can use with a letter or two on your keyboard so make the most of these wherever possible. Something as simple as ‘n’ can get you a new tweet going while ‘r’ lets you reply to one and you can even use ‘b’ to block a user you really don’t want to interact with at all, in any way.

Check apps

There are lots of apps that integrate with Twitter and it never hurts to see which ones you have used and maybe which ones you no longer need. From your profile, go to Apps and you can view apps you have connected to your account. If you don’t use some of them now, simply ‘revoke access’ and they are gone.

Stop emails

Email is the other element of life that can be chaotic and if you get a notification from Twitter every time something happens, this makes things even worse. So why not turn off those email notifications – just go to your profile and find email notifications then hit the ‘turn off’ button.

Use Twitter texts

You can even send tweets via text once you set up Twitter text messaging so you can tweet on the move. On the mobile app, turn on Twitter text messaging to use this option.

Put limits on Twitter

If Twitter is taking over your life and stopping your sleep, put some limits in place. On the mobile app, select the sleep times and this will stop all notifications, sounds and alerts during the specified period.

Create a Twitter life record

It can be great to keep a record of your life on Twitter and even use it when writing your blog posts or other content. Under the gear option, there is a button to ‘Request your archive’. Hit the button and you will get an email when it is ready.


Twitter is huge, fast and very absorbing but there are also lots of ways to handle it and make the most of the time you spend on the website without getting sucked in. Do you have a favourite Twitter tip or hack?


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