Grow Your Real Social Media Presence with Hang Street

Hang Street is a social website that allows you to connect with people from across the globe. We like to call these people "hangsters"!

Hangstreet also has a great feature that allows you to find new social media connections across Twitter and Instagram in a quck, easy and legitimate way.

Get your audience to grow

Search our listings by country, interest or other metrics in order to find people to follow. You can also add your own details to the list so people can find you in the same way.

Hang Street helps you find people to follow on Twitter and Instagram but we don’t offer a process of selling followers nor do we add people automatically to your account. This is a bad idea – you can be banned from the sites for these kinds of practices and it won’t benefit you in the long run.

Chat Live with other "Hangsters"

Hangstreet allows you to start private chats with other hangsters, allowing you to make new friends and relationships - all under one roof :-)

Understand social media

Mastering sites like Twitter are about more than just follower numbers. We help you by giving you access to tricks and tips that allow you to make the most of your social media presence. We use guides, articles and even infographics to ensure you understand social media better than ever before. This means you can grow your audience and also increase your engagement in good, sustainable ways.

 New home page for your social media

By creating a profile with Hang Street, you also create a new social home page that is shareable with others. Rather than sending your Twitter profile then your Instagram handle, you can share this page with all of your updates in one place.

Select which updates show on your page and remove any that you decide don’t work. Then show the page to others to demonstrate why they should interact with you on the different sites.

 Make quality connections

The ‘social’ in social media means that you want to make connections with the right people. We help you to do this by providing you with information about people who share your interests. You can also see daily stats on followers and connections to see what is working and who is interested in you.

We also moderate the community and do what we can to stop fake accounts and inappropriate users and content. The service is free to use and we also offer featured promotion for added exposure.

Search, Chat and make Firends

The core of Hang Street is our community, we allow you to actively search for people, make contact and then chat. This may lead to great conversations and hopefully, happy relationships. Create friend groups and invite your pal's