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How It Works is a free to use social network aggregator that help you grow your social following on sites such as Twitter and Instagram. When you join HangStreet you become a Hangster and gain access to all our users. You can reach out to new people and in turn by connecting with fellow Hangsters - they connect with you which will help you grow your social followings.

Connect with Social Networks

Connect to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from Hangstreet and post updates to all your account from just 1 place! That saves you a huge amount of time in a month.

Reward Your Followers

Follow other Hangsters and collect ample number of hearts. Reward hearts to other Hangsters in return of following you. Offer more hearts to get higher on the list.

Increase Your Brand Presence

The more hearts you have, the more brand engagement you'll receive. Promote and grow your crowd following through our heart system!

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